Painting - oil on board, mounted into frame, cream canvas fabric mount.

Framed original artwork, dark wood frame - size including frame 43 x 37h



    Hà Minh was born in 1994 in Hanoi, where she currently lives and works. At the core of Hà Minh’s practice lies the urge to perfectly capture moments in time to inspire conversations for the audience. Fueled by a yearning to feel in touch with the world, her work draws inspiration from the people of her encounters. Combined with the layered depth of her alla prima (wet-on-wet) approach to oil painting, her portraits becomes heartfelt testimonials of her time, earnest depictions of those from around the world who all somehow by chance ended up in front of her canvas – a North Carolinian farmer, an Indian-American writer, her best friend from middle school. Hà Minh has participated in several iterations of Art For You, which has enabled her to expand her practice and exploration in to oil painting as a visual language. Her work is already being noticed by Vietnamese and international collectors.


    This work is an original artwork and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and work room four